In earlier Posts we have write over nobistech AS15003 here:

Nobistech – ubiquityservers

We see a long time that only Squid-Proxys (Version from 3.1.4 to 3.1.9) with SSH on the

Port 2382

and with the Domain ipvnow.com with no sites (linked to a enom-buy-site) in the Reverse-DNS….

We have 1,406 Records to IPs with the rdns hase ipvnow.com in the host.
262 with ns0.ipvnow.com

We think the Customer behind is the User „keliix06“.


We have send to abuse AT nobistech.net only for the last 8 Days ~500 Reports and we send only all 24 hours for each ip/attack one report…


Now, we have blocked the complete IP-Range permantly: –

in the all-Export-List and in the RBL.

We have informed nobistech too in the same time we public this article.


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