In the last days, we seen a lot of Attacks from IP-Adresseses from the AS-Network 15003 which is owned by nobistech.net and mostfull of ubiquityservers.com with the first Attack. This IP-Addresses we have no seen before.

Yes, we know he hase a large Network, but there hosted a lot of Tor- and Proxy-Server. This is ok, but in the last Days the IP-Addresses have a Reverse-DNS-Entry to ipvnow.com which is for sale.

On the IP-Addresses, there are running Squid-Proxys which have Rules, but the Spamer can use them (false acls or the Owner offert a Squid-Proxy-Farm).

So we hope that nobistech.net disabled the Proxy-Server or forwarding our Complaints, that the Proxy-Owner can disable the spaming User.


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