Currently, blocklist.de has the following Stats/User:

User: 853

Server: 1015

Attacks: 290,425,621

Reports: 4,546,850

Daily Mails: ~170100 (lower limit) ~360000 (high limit)

Web-Traffic: ~220 GB

RBL-/API-Traffic: ~70 GB

Mail (In/Out)-Traffic: ~~2130 GB In 04/2013 we use now the local IPs, so the Traffic between the Reporting-Server was not longer included and the Traffic is going down

Traffic over IPv6 (Mail, Web..): ~6GB

To this data, there comes 2,1TB Traffic between the Web-/Mail-Server and the MySQL-Server. The MySQL-Server sends over ~3,8 GB each Hour out.

The Mysql-Server use now 40% from 32GB Ram. And the System-Load is in average on 1.00 .

The WebServer is using not full of 13GB Ram and the System-Load is under 0,7. The open Connections are ~2000


The complete Traffic from all Systems are round about 4,2TB in March 2013.


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