Yesterday (10.11.2012) we reached 1 Million BadBots-Attacks.
The BadBots are IPs which send Postings or automatically registrations in Honeypot-Sites, Honeypot-Forums or Guestbooks.

Currently, we have listed more Proxy-/BadBots IPs than IPs from Mail (Unknown User, Relaying….).
The most BadBots IPs comes from Provider like as SUPREME-TELECOM – Supreme Telecom Systems, Inc. or from SSASN2 – SECURED SERVERS LLC which is new in the last two months. In the Month befor, we never has seen an Entry from SSASN2 – SECURED SERVERS LLC.

In this month, the IPs from Country Germany (DE) has risen to the second Place after China (CN) on Place #1:


But this comes mainly from infected Customer Computers which try to send Spam (Service mail).

If you received Spam, please report them!
You can use Services like spamcop.net or blackhole.mx, then the Access-Provider can block and inform the Customer about the Malware on there Computers.


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