We have over 3500 URLs to flickr.com which are posted in our Honeypot-Sites like this url:


On the site there is a Link with a Picture of a Video-Player to different Sites:

  • http://kankretniy-4.net/go.php?q=katrina+kaif+naked
  • http://kankretniy-6.net/go.php?q=kristy+swanson+playboy
  • http://kankretniy-3.net/go.php?q=kari+byron+nude
  • http://kankretniy-4.net/go.php?q=olivia+wilde+naked


The most Links redirect to http://tour.mrskin.com/kristy-swanson-c1016.html?nats=*** , http://galleries.mrskin.com/stacey-dash-g118.html?nats=*** and with other different Names from celebrity people with the Word „naked“.



We have informed flickr.com over the contact site and them the list with all urls:



[UPDATE 14.08.2012]

flickr.com has disabled all Sites/Accounts which are listen in the text file.

Thank you!


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