After the last notice to myspace.net, dailybooth and other sites, only myspace.net answers on a twitter post with a template to the help site. The abused Sites are online away ­čÖü

quizilla has answer us and asked for the Usernames of the Accounts which has created the URLs. In the URLs there stand no username, but on the site. So we have build a crawler-Script which gets from the site the username. From over 65.000 urls are generated from ~2.000 accounts.

Now we send a new list to www.formspring.me with over 106624 urls.

There site was abused for first-load movie-affiliate links:


And when you scroll down, you see a lot of keywords to find the links on the „good“ site formspring.me to follow it to the bad site.

The complete list of abused urls on www.formspring.me is available on



We have informed formspring.me over twitter and contact-form on the same time we set the article online.


If you have a same service (blogs, forums, portal-sites) who user can create there own site/content, contact us, we can look for your domain in our database on over 11,231,555 entrys.


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