Dear Tor-Server-Owners,

please set a Webpage online on the Tor-Exit-IP which show that the IP is an Tor-Exit-Node-Server like this:

Site is from http://torservers.net

And when you received a Report from us, please contact us and send us your IP-Adresses from your Tor-Servers. We check the http-Site and when you have a short Text online which say or linked to more over Tor-Server, we add your IP into the Whitelist and mark them as Tor-/Proxy-Server and dont send new Reports to you.

But when you have not a description or site online which tell that the ip is an Tor-Server, we could not add your IP into the whitelist. And we thinking your are only a SEO-Spamer and you will safe your Spam-Server with xrumer, senuke, sickmarekting…..

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