On the the „SEO-User“ (Foren-Spamer) found one of a honeypot-site which are not direct from us:


But the Volume of Spampostings and Spam-Registratios continues to rise more and more:


Our Honeypot-Sites has in all Header/Footer and Agreements a Text, that all Postings and Registrations will be automatically reported. But we have a lot of Honeypots too which are not from us, so there use other methods to identify the spamer and report them over us. In the next Step, we lookup for the AS-Networks which have to much ignorant our Reports and block them complete (like AS15895).

Google blocks the urls which are listen in the postings from the seo-user, because he downloads our Lists of links from your postings and used it to find Spamer or User who works against the rules ­čÖé


Die Kommentarfunktion ist hier derzeit deaktiviert.

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