Da die Statistiken, bzw. die Anzahl der Angriffe pro IP jeden Monat am 01. zurückgesetzt werden, werden die Statistiken hier im Blog  jeden Monat gespeichert.

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10 Jahre zuvor

„Your UserAgent is too old! Please use a newer than MSIE8 / Opera10 / Firefox12!“

You shouldn’t place such idiotic advices if you do not recognize the Firefox ESR (Enterprise Edition) 10.0.5 – which is completely up-to-date.

10 Jahre zuvor
Reply to  nerved

i know, that the FF 10 is a lts version, but sorry he is to old for our site. Please use a other browser or set a fake-user agent. The Problem is, that a small botnet use the UserAgent Firefox10.0.2 for ddos… no human makes 20 request to /index.php each second from over 200 different ip-addresses with the some ua…..

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