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BOSTON and MUNICH, Feb. 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Abusix, a network security company for mail security and abuse report handling, takes over blocklist.de to integrate it within its Abusix platform to further improve its data quality.


Blocklist.de is based on the popular open-source intrusion prevention framework fail2ban, which is part of almost every Linux distribution in the market. It is widely used to protect systems from simple brute force attacks, by logging intrusion attempts on a variety of available services and blocking IPs based on too many authentication failures.

„Blocklist.de, in addition to fail2ban, offers a way to share information about intrusion attempts with other users of the service to improve coverage,“ says Martin Schiftan, founder of blocklist.de. „In addition, we report those intrusion attempts back to the network operator in question for proper abuse management.“


Martin Schiftan started blocklist.de in 2006 and grew the service to several thousand users, processing hundreds of thousands of security events per day. While running multiple projects, Martin Schiftan realized that he could not prioritize every single project the same. As blocklist.de is already using Abusix’s ContactDB and the reporting format XARF, the decision to ask Abusix to take over blocklist.de was set.

„Having a similar mindset and sharing the same ideas about improving the internet, it was a pretty easy decision from our side to integrate blocklist.de into our Abusix services,“ states Tobias Knecht, founder and CEO of Abusix.

For the time being, nothing will change for the existing blocklist.de user base. Within the next few months, Abusix is planning to integrate the blocklist.de services within its platform gradually, so that the existing userbase can benefit from even more lists and features.


The Abusix Platform is an advanced data platform that collects security-focused data from thousands of internal and external sources. It processes, enriches, and vets this information and makes it available to a broad audience based on their use cases, such as abuse management, spam and traffic filtering, and many more.


About Abusix
Abusix provides the missing piece in today’s network security environment that allows for quick and reliable mitigation of network abuse and other cyber threats. Hundreds of ISPs, Telcos, Cloud & Hosting providers, and Enterprises rely on Abusix to keep their networks secure and their users safe.

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