MySQL Problems in the last Days

In the last Days, we had some mysql-Server issues.

The Server crashs and could only hard restarted.

We do yesterday a lot of analyze the Logfiles and optimize Settings.

We monitored the Server tonight with Debug Options, and it looks at the moment good.

We looking far on it, that he runs stable like before again.


Some Queries are now a little bit slower, but we work next on it again to optimize it.

Sorry for the Problems.


Current state. BlockList.DE is still alive

In the last years/month, it was very quite around blocklist.de

In the last time, we had changed a lot behind the System and drop a lot of Reports/Attacks, which are older then the current two Weeks.

Old stuff is already droped, but not good enough, so we got so much often Problems with the mysql-Server.

At the moment, it looks strange, because the Attacks are droping down from ~24k to 7k, but when we dont make a bug in, it will recover in the next days.


And so, yes blocklist.de is still alive 🙂

But it is a lot of work and i dont have enough time, so it is going slowly.

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