Currently, blocklist.de has the following Stats/User:

User: 512

Server: 616

Attacks: 30,877,685

Reports: 3,014,395

Daily Mails: ~410229

Web-Traffic: ~79 GB

RBL-/API-Traffic: ~160 GB

Mail (In/Out)-Traffic: ~34 GB

Traffic over IPv6 (Mail, Web..): ~2GB

To this data, there comes 6TB  Traffic between the Web-/Mail-Server and the MySQL-Server. The MySQL-Server sends over 7.1 GB each Hour out.

The Mysql-Server use now 41% from 32GB Ram. And the System-Load is in average on 0.34 (after the last maintance with setting new Indexes).

The WebServer is using not full of 8GB Ram and the System-Load is average on 2 (the Cronjob-Intervall was reduced). The open Connections are 7685

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