On the last Blog-Post:


we wrote about the increased Attacks of SSH-Logins.

Now, since round about one week, the Attacks of Mail (sasl-, imap-, pop3-, smtp-Logins and relaying/blocking IPs) are increased:








The count of hacked Accounts and hacked Sites with spam-Script is also going up. Lot of answers like this:

The server was hacked and an e-mail perl script was running on it. Normally there is no mail service on this server.
We are sorry about this.


A lot of Answers comes from arvixe.com which have received only repors for „mail“. Since 20.02.2014 we received 91 Answers. From 30.05.2013 until 03.11.2013 we received only 13 and there was not „mail“-Attack. Only reg-/Badbots (Forum-Spam).

On my employer, the count of hacked accounts is going up on 3/4 more then normally (normally are 1/4).

If you received that your IP are on a Mail-Blocklist like spamcop.net or you get an blocklist.de-Report, please check your Server for hacked E-Mailaccounts and running Perl-Bots.


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